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La Central at ArtRio 2013

 photo artrio_zps8bfe52cb.jpg

La Central presents:

Otto Berchem
Pia Camil
Daniel Santiago Salguero

ArtRio 2013 (Booth E9, Pavilion 2)
September 5-9

Revolver Reviews

A summary of the reviews of Revolver, at Ellen de Bruijne Projects.

Eelphant Magazine.

Mister Motley.

Full Circle, weheartart.co.uk.

Every Letter has its own color, Kees Keijer, Het Parool.

Accidental Assisted Readymade (Floor Piece)

Accidental Assisted Relational Readymade #03

A step away from the previous found images of culinary readymades, assisted, or otherwise. On to a more spatial type of work.

You’d almost think that one of the parking garage attendants, where this piece was found, were fans of Cady Noland.

Relational Minimalism

Must be a Spanish movement.

Readymade Relational Sculpture