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Revolver Reviews

A summary of the reviews of Revolver, at Ellen de Bruijne Projects.

Eelphant Magazine.

Mister Motley.

Full Circle,

Every Letter has its own color, Kees Keijer, Het Parool.

Hanging Particples

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March 15 – March 24th
Marshall Arts, Memphis, TN

We are all aware of the current exhibition at the Dixon, “Present Tense.” Regardless of the reason, the Dixon is only so big, only has so much wall and floor space available to exhibit work. So, choices had to be made and some artists had to be left out. This Dixon exhibition has generated a lot of talk within the Visual Arts Community of Memphis. Which is a good thing. And I want nothing else than to be able to have this conversation continue somehow, someway. That is what the show “Hanging Particles” is all about. It is artists that were not included in the Dixon exhibition. This is in no way a second place, second tier grouping of artist and should not be thought of as such. It is simply just a continuation of the work and the discourse generated from the “Present Tense” exhibition.

Curated by Memphis’ Own Dwayne Butcher.


Do You Know (Lille)

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25.01.13 – 31.08.13

Office de tourisme de Lille

Otto Berchem is an American artist whose work explores contemporary society’s social codes and human relations. He conceived the sound installation ‘Do You Know’ as a true investigation inviting us to discover the collection of FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais. This work will be shown for the first time in France at the Lille tourist office beginning in January 2013. The series of questions, which all begin with ‘Do you know . . .?’, enumerates the names of artists with a work in the collection. The seemingly random order in fact follows the order in which these works were acquired by the FRAC; the names are spoken in order of the date the artist’s piece entered the collection. This work will also be presented in the inaugural exhibition of the FRAC/AP2 in Dunkirk in September 2013.

Office de Tourisme de Lille – Palais Rihour
42 Place Rihour -BP 205
59000 LILLE

+ 33 (0)3 59 57 94 00

Mon-Sat 9:00-6:00
Sun 10:00-12:00/2:00-5:00