Monthly Archives: June 2010

Move (round and around)

The Prison Courtyard, 1990.

I saw this painting +/- 20 years ago, and have never forgotten it.

A lesser known painting by Vincent van Gogh, but possibly my favorite work by him. The composition copied from a print by Gustave Doré.

I wonder if John Lydon was thinking of this painting when he wrote the lyrics to Round?



Adrien Coorte, Still life with White Aparagus, 1697

A spontaneous visit to the Rijksmuseum.

A spontaneous encounter with an unknown painting.

A new favorite.

Maybe it’s the fact that markets and supermarkets are currently overflowing with white asparagus.

A vegetable that I’ve always struggled to appreciate, unlike its green counterpart.

Maybe it was the “director’s choice” signage next to it.

I hope not.

Maybe it was the translucence of the paint and the simplicity and intimacy of the composition.

I think so.

Maybe it was a combination of all of the above.