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The Bronze Gipper

A leaden Ronald Reagan statue, cast in bronze. Unveiled in London. On the 236th anniversary of the day that the American colonies declared their independence from the new sculpture’s host, no less.

Who would have ever imagined?

Then again, who would have ever imagined some of the creative offerings that the Gipper inspired?


Move (round and around)

The Prison Courtyard, 1990.

I saw this painting +/- 20 years ago, and have never forgotten it.

A lesser known painting by Vincent van Gogh, but possibly my favorite work by him. The composition copied from a print by Gustave Doré.

I wonder if John Lydon was thinking of this painting when he wrote the lyrics to Round?


Adrien Coorte, Still life with White Aparagus, 1697

A spontaneous visit to the Rijksmuseum.

A spontaneous encounter with an unknown painting.

A new favorite.

Maybe it’s the fact that markets and supermarkets are currently overflowing with white asparagus.

A vegetable that I’ve always struggled to appreciate, unlike its green counterpart.

Maybe it was the “director’s choice” signage next to it.

I hope not.

Maybe it was the translucence of the paint and the simplicity and intimacy of the composition.

I think so.

Maybe it was a combination of all of the above.