Monthly Archives: February 2009

The revolution is over

Times are tough.

Apparently the art boom is over. Again.

Swiss Banks are handing over client lists to the IRS.

It’s getting so bad, that apparently even socialism is being sold off for a discounted price.


When in doubt…

Take a photograph.


A primer in Graphic Design

Design is too serious to be take seriously. Well, actually it’s not serious at all.

Helpful? Sure, but…

Anyway, Dutch designers, please take note.

a conversation with (Dan Perjovschi)


In 2006 I interviewed Dan Perjovschi, for the Dutch art magazine Metropolis M. To be perfectly honest, I had a tough time getting started with it, primarily because I’m a huge fan of Dan, and of his work. You’d think that would have made things easy. In the end, I think it did.

I’ll let you be the judge. Read it here.

Look both ways


Pacifier, plug, dummy.

Presence of absence


In late November, I found myself in Bangkok, looking for some street dogs that I had recruited for a project a few months earlier. On my way to an area where I was fairly certain I’d find at least some of the dogs, I looked down. How apropos

Under Cover