Monthly Archives: October 2010

The heads still roll…

The latest state of Deadheading, 10 days later, at Museum van Loon.

Part of Flower Salon/, courtesy of the H+F collection.

Oscar meets Jackson meets Palpatine

I ask my brother if the postcard, sent to my nephews from São Paulo, had arrived.

He writes back –

It’s on the fridge. They liked the curvy building. Jack thought Chancellor Palpatine made it like that.

I ask my brother if my nephew Jack knew that I stayed there.

He writes back –

He knew, I told him. He inquired whether you were now “on the dark side”. I reassured him that you continued to follow the ways of the force. He smiled and said “good”.

Off with their heads

All set up in the garden room, and for the following 12 days, heads will roll.

Courtesy of the H+F Collection.

The Flowers of Romance

No, not this kind.

This kind.

See you there?

Look + Listen + Talk = Warp

They’ve done it again, but this time it’s even bigger.

Three days, two nights, 16 artists meetings, very little sleep, and a lot of talk.

And that’s just me. It’s still going on.

Some scenes from the weekend.

Artist’s Village on the Grote Markt.

Stef van Bellingen giving the introductory tour.


Radio interview.

Artist – Professional meetings.

Informal meetings.