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After seeing the video report of the Philip Guston show at McKee gallery, by James Kalm, I knew I had to see the show.

I was not disappointed.



I never thought I’d pay the price of subway fare to see ‘subway art.’ When it comes to Sol Lewitt’s Whirls Twirls (MTA), I’m willing to make the exception.

Never say never.



A couple of years ago, I was reading a Joe Zucker interview, by Chuck Close, in BOMB magazine. There was one segment, where Zucker briefly discusses the fear of many an artist, including yours truly. The plague of writer’s block. The quote above, was Close’s response.

While it sounds like something I’ve heard for years, it was one of those moments of clarity that we all seek.

Maybe, one of these days, I’ll actually get around to following his advice.

Social Observations

Having never studied architecture, sociology, let alone urban planning (a pity in retrospect), I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I missed this classic film by William H. Whyte. I think I’ll chalk this one up to better late, than never. Enjoy.

Neo Retro

Last month, out of curiosity, I bought the much touted brushes application for my iPod Touch (if only it was an iPhone). I must admit that I had buyers remorse almost as soon as I paid the $5 to download it from the iTunes store.

I could say that I changed my mind once I started playing around with it, but that would be a lie. Call me a luddite, but I prefer the immediacy of hold a pen or pencil to finger painting on a 3.5″ screen. Regardless, I found myself toying around with it on a flight last week. I won’t say that I finally saw the light, but I can see part of the appeal.

Due to the limitations of the interface, as well as my rusty drawing skills, I treated the ‘drawings’ as monoprints. A medium that I loved when I was in high school. Perhaps that’s the reason why the images that I’ve created so far, could easily be mistaken with the ones I made back then.


Probably the most interesting thing about the application is the video feature, which can be seen for the drawings above here and here.



is more.