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Tipos Móviles


If you happen to find yourself in San Juan, Puerto Rico between now, and June 28th, then you’ll have the chance to check out the 2nd Poly/Gaphic Triennial. If you do happen make it there, a small contribution by yours truly, can be seen at Luis Romero‘s latest incarnation of Tipos Móviles.


Ironic Facial Hair

The trend of ironic facial hair has clearly arrived in the Netherlands over the past 12 months. It only took about four years for it to migrate from Williamsburg to the rest of the US, but who’s counting? Seeing as Man Ray pioneered ironic facial hair at least 66 years ago, if not earlier, maybe the Williamsburg hipsters are the ones who were late?

Speaking of Man Ray, and facial hair, if you happen to find yourself in Groningen anytime soon, you can catch a work by me that touches on both. On view at NP3, until the 26th of April.

Unbridled (de Zayas), 2006