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Look + Listen + Talk = Warp

They’ve done it again, but this time it’s even bigger.

Three days, two nights, 16 artists meetings, very little sleep, and a lot of talk.

And that’s just me. It’s still going on.

Some scenes from the weekend.

Artist’s Village on the Grote Markt.

Stef van Bellingen giving the introductory tour.


Radio interview.

Artist – Professional meetings.

Informal meetings.





Q – What do you get when you have twenty one artists, curators, and critics sitting in a room with thirty two artists?

A – A portfolio day, specifically the Warp-Projects portfolio day, situated in Sint-Niklaas, the center of the Belgian art world.

The first event of the weekend took place on Friday night, with the opening of Wim Wauman’s exhibition Temptation Island at the brand spanking new Koetshuis WARP.


Stef van Bellingen kicks things off at the Koetshuis.


On Saturday the portfolios (or macbooks) were reviewed.

The reviews were scheduled to last for 30 minutes, with a 15 minute buffer if things ran late.


Which was easy to notice when one has such a unique alarm clock.


Hopefully the exchange was fruitful.


If not, there was always cheese.

After all, to misquote Bertolt Brecht: food first, art later.