OCD Redux


Once, over a few beers, Annie Fletcher and I had this little idea. It was a pretty simple one, we wanted to make an art fanzine. Why? Because we were fed up with the status quo of art criticism. We wanted to do something different, namely make a publication for people, such as ourselves, who weren’t afraid to call a stone a stone, or a rock a rock. No more same ol’, same ol’, nope, this was a publication for art junkies. We called it “OCD”.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones who wanted things to change (little did we know how prescient we were). Less than a month after musing about making a fanzine, we had a host of contributors, ready to join.

It was a labor of love, which dragged on for far too long. I suppose that is what happens when things are done for love, not money. In the end, I think we managed to ‘print’ something like 30 copies of OCD, which is a low down dirty shame. After that, real life kicked in, and we found ourselves busy with other things. Alas, there was never a follow up to the first issue.

When I stumbled on the OCD compact disc this afternoon, it dawned on me that maybe it was an idea to get OCD out, for all to see (provided one has a connection to the internet, and a program that can open PDFs).

So, with all of that out of the way, I present to you, long, long, long past due – OCD

PS: a VERY belated thanks to those that contributed and helped us on our little adventure: Matthew Bakkom, Craig Bell, Bik/van der Pol, Jelle Bouwhuis, Jason Coburn, Charles Esche, Chris Evans, Waapke Feenstra, Laura Fletcher, David Haines, Rob Hamelijnck, Arne Hendriks, Lisa Holden, Annabel Howland, Raimundas Malasauskas Janice Mc Nab, Alan Michael, Magnus Monfeldt, CarrieMoyer, Barry O’Donnell, Sarah Pierce, Lisi Raskin, Falke Pisano, Ellen de Bruijne.


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