The Pearl

At the first meeting Marco asked about the ‘Pearls of venserpolder’. I can’t remember what some people’s pearls were (the inner courtyards was one if I recall correctly), but I don’t think the artist of Dumaslaan was mentioned.

When An first took me on her rounds, she mentioned something about a woman who decorated her vestibule, and left recipes for various dishes on her door. To be honest, I didn’t think much about it (negative or positive) .

Later that day we happened to be passing by the building of the woman, and An took me in to show me her door/vestibule. I was impressed, if for no better reason than the fact that it was allowed to remain, when everything else in the stairwells was so heavily regulated. An had never met the woman who lived behind the door, but asked if I’d like to meet her. I thought – why not?

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An buzzed the door, and the owner opened it. An introduced herself, and we complimented her on her work. While she was speaking to An I found myself peeking through the crack of the door, trying to sneak a look inside. Not very respectful, or Dutch, but hey, I’m not Dutch. Maybe the woman noticed, because she invited us in to her place.

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The textured globs on the wall are Mihoen Noodles.

I felt like Charlie in Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory – she had turned just about everything in the apartment into a work of art: from the refrigerator, to the bathroom, to her wardrobe… When she wasn’t painting, or making sculptures, she was making clothing. All very amazing.

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An admiring the clothes.

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Portrait of the artist wearing one of her creations.

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