The Mysterious Number 1

When I was cycling around the neighborhood, taking photographs of the public art in Venserpolder, I noticed that a building on the corner of Dotojeveskisingel and Dantestraat had an enormous number 1 painted on the corner of the building.

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The corner of Dotojeveskisingel and Defoelaan

I wasn’t sure if this was also some other form of public art/mural painting, or more likely that it was meant to label the building, like I had seen previously in South Korea, where the Stalinistic apartment blocks seem to require numbers painted on the sides so that the residents can tell which one is home. The simple fact that it was the only building in the neighborhood with a number on made me a little curious.

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Apartment blocks in Gwangju, South Korea

Today, while doing a walk around the Venserpolder with Art, I asked him what it was for. Sure enough, that was Block 1. Mystery solved, except that he wasn’t sure how Blocks 2, 3, 4, etc avoided being numbered.

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